Dice Raffle Drums

Pink Dice Drum
Wobble Drum

We make two styles of our famous dice raffle drums.  The standard dice raffle drum rotates on a regular horizontal axis like a box turning on a rod. Our “Wobble” dice raffle drum turns on the corner axis and provides a unique tumbling action guaranteed to catch the eye of anyone who sees it turning.

Standard sizes for dice raffle drums:

Table-Top Dice Table-Top Wobble Floor Model Dice
12” x 12” 12” x 12” 20” x 20”
16” x 16” 16” x 16” 30” x 30”
20” x 20″ 40” x 40”

We can also custom make any dice raffle drum that you require. The largest dice drum that we have made to date is a staggering 40” x 40” x 40”, which stands at about 6 feet tall! This oversized dice drum was made in a transparent ruby red acrylic with white dots and an etched logo. After years of use it still performs flawlessly and continues to get compliments for style & creativity.  We believe that our products are far superior in design build and quality. But it’s not just our personal belief, our customers have told us so and we often see clients coming back again and again.

Customization options:

  • Custom sizes
  • Colors of acrylic panels, including exotic fluorescent edge glow acrylic
  • Laser etching, CNC engraving, silk screening, ink jet printing, & vinyl application
  • LED lighting

Click The Video Below to See a Dice Raffle Drum

40 x 40 Custom Dice Drum With Logo
White Dice Drum
12 x 12 Dice Drum