Our Craft

As part of Welch Plastics, we first started making small products by hand. And as we gained a stronger reputation for quality projects, our customers began to ask for more complex ideas and products. We knew it was time to grow and so we gradually added more and more technology to meet an ever-growing customer demand for more advanced designs and concepts.

We view technology as part of a strategic imperative for us to differentiate ourselves from other fabrication companies and also to position ourselves to be able to fulfill our customers’ ever-changing requirements.  By investing in the technologically advanced equipment that we have, we felt strongly that we can deliver a higher level of quality with a faster turnaround.  Some of our in-house capabilities now include:

Large-Scale Laser Cutter

With our laser cutting & etching, we are now able to cut multiple shapes and designs. We can also etch your name, logo or promotion event right onto one or more of the raffle drum panels. Laser etching can be done on any of our floor model raffle drums, table top raffle drums, dice raffle drums and ballot boxes.
Cross-property promotions are one example of how to use a couple of raffle drums to satisfy multiple promotional needs.  With the replaceable panels you can etch different property or promotional messages on the panels and interchange them depending on the site or promotion being run.

Large-Scale CNC Machine

We have one of the largest CNC machine beds in the market and we have continuously expanded our machining capabilities over the years. Whether you’re looking for creative designs or you need to create detailed parts with precision machining, we can help you deliver the desired outcome for your raffle drums.

Bending & Thermoforming

Looking for curved edges?  We have years of experience bending acrylic and other plastic materials, and we have the right tools to make the bends you need.   If your project can’t be fabricated it may be created with vacuum forming.  We have experts that can create the right molds and then thermoform the right shape for your raffle drum needs.  In the past, we have made everything from simple snow globes to domes, and large retail displays, all of which can be applied to your raffle drum designs.

Give us a call and let us help you with your raffle drum needs.